Friday, 13 December 2013

My Christmas Time

As Christmas days draws closer its got me thinking of all the little things that makes Christmas a special time. Ever since I was younger Christmas has always been a big family occasions, all are family come together and spend the day together. Me my mum and my brother would exchange gifts in the morning and then get ready to go round to my nan's for Christmas dinner.
 Before we sit down and eat the scrumptious dinner that nan had made us, we'd all take it in turns to go down to my cemetery to lay flower on my uncle and grandads graves.

Christmas dinner (or lunch) has away been on the large size. My marvellous nan (with the help of a couple others) cooks for all 18 of us, which can be a bit of a squeeze round just two tables, but its always been that way and were used to it, its kinda nice being all close together.
 If you think 18 for dinner is a lot, after dinner the rest of are family comes round for a big gift swooping with drinks and party food and all round fun and games. We'd all send the night together catching up and having a chat right into boxing day. I think that has to be one of the things I love most about Christmas, theses just something about coming home in the early hours of boxing day tired and cold after having such a busy day its just perfect. Mum would make us a hot chocolate before bed, wed show each other what presents we got and id always put on the new PJs id just got to try and warm up (if I don't get new pjs this year i'll be sad hehe).

I don't really have any photos of are Christmas's online so here's some of my decoration I put up yesterday.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Santa Wish List

Ever since I was younger its clear to see by looking at the old letters to Santa that my mum would keep, that id always want a hamster for Christmas. I use to lay awake at night trying to listen out for the little noise of that hamster rustling about in the sawdust. Its safe to say that I never did get a hamster for Christmas I guess I was to young to look after one. Not much as changed as id love a new baby bunny to keep my Dutch rabbit Marmite company, But I don't see Santa bring me one and time soon.

reading all my old letter has got me thinking, If I could have anything for Christmas what would be on my list?

1, First Things First 
Well to start I pick, A new camera has to be on my list. I do really love my Nikon coolpix camera, but just resiliently iv been struggling to get it to focus on the simplest things. Ever since I brought the camera I felt that I really should have researched into what I was wanting form one more then just on what one looked and sounded best. So once again by going on looks, I say on my wish this (that I know I could never have) would be the

Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR 

Im finding this harder then I fault I guess there's not much out there that I want :P

2, Secondly 
The second thing Id ask for would be one of the things iv always asked from since I was the age of 11, has to be a pair of All Star Converse.  
Now I really do love a good pair of converse and have lost count on how many I have but my dreams is to have some costume made with a design on my choose. 
With my Love of all thing Supernatural right now (and forever) I do anything for Supernatural Converse. I have sad been unable to locate a place where I could buy a pair from, so a girl can only hope and dream I guess.

Supernatural Converse

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas with out tuns and tuns of bath and shower stuff. Now I love getting bath stuff from people specially when its something I haven't used before. Last year I was lucky enough to be given some lovely Lush items witch were amazing and truly worth all the hype iv  heard about them. So its safe to say on my wish list id pick some Lush items.

Lush Mr Frosty 

3, thirdly

If I had the chance I would convert my garden into a bunny haven. I would get the biggest shed I could convert it into a hutch and bunny prof the garden. Id then adopt as many rabbits as I could giving them the home they so truly need. They could bounce around as they pleased come and going as they wish. As I don't have the room for this i ll stick to just asking for a new big hutch so I can get a little floppy eared rabbit. I feel its time I show so love to the floppy eared rabbit as all mine have has sticky up ears. 

Maybe one day If my a really good girl Santa will deliver one of these gift, a girl can dream. :)

Monday, 9 December 2013

To Conquer Your Dream

Watching someone's dream come to life in font of your has to be the most amazing feeling ever, knowing that at that moment all there hard work and determination has finely rewarded them with that they desire most.
Ever since I meet my fiancé 5 years ago it has been clear that his passion in life was wrestling. He grow up watching from a young age and was inspired by his hero Eddie Guerrero which fueled his motivation into becoming a wrestler.

In the world that we live in it hard to be different and have such passion for something that's not social popular at the time. Over the year Iv seen him get a lot of criticism for liking such show as TNA and WWE, but he never let this control him or persuade him into changing his mind about his dream or hiding it form other.

Seeing first hand and witnessing everything he's endured and put up with over the year and watching how none of it would stop him from conquering his dream, makes me so proud of him and amazed by what he can do with some determination. I believe in him 100% and know that he's come so far now and he'll never give up until he's succeeded, not just to show everyone that didn't believe in him but for him self because one day he'll look back on his life and see everything he ever wanted he's managed to achieved.

Watching his first show yesterday was incredible, just to see all his hard work pay off and just to see how much this means to him was truly amazing. You could see as soon as he step out from the curtain that he was right at home showing no fear of nerves.

Now that iv been to his first show I really hope I can make it to all his other I just love seeing how happy it makes him and knowing that this is what he's meant to be doing.

if you'd like to see the vlog I made
click the link >>>>>>

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Autumn Knitwear

When it come to the latest Fashion I must say I find it hard to keep up and when I do I can never pull it off, but this autumn i'm really loving all the Christmas style jumpers that are on the high street right now. Iv never been much of a jumper person, i'm more of a hoodie kinda girl but this year I'm giving knit wear a try.

When looking down the high street I first saw these adorable  knitted jumpers with elbow patches. I mean come on who doesn't love elbow patches they just make a plain jumper that little bit more exiting. There were an array of colour to choose from, but I must say i'm addicted to that red wine colour which seems to be rather popular these days.

(Red jumper/cardigan - £12 Primark)
After falling in love with the red jumper above, I was rather tempted to grab some other colors but thought I'll give it a miss and look for something a little more colorful. But at a price of just £12 I don't see why you wouldn't pick up more then one of these bad boys. 

A thing that iv seem to be seeing a lot this autumn and last, is dear print. Now I find nothing cuter then a cute animal picture on an item of clothing, so when stumbling upon this rather cute dear jumper I couldn't say no.
This jumper is of great quality for the price of just £20,Its really worth the money. Its such a soft knitted jumper and really thick to so will keep you nice and snug during those winter months.
(Dear jumper - £20 Sainsburys TU)

Sticking to dear theme (I seem to have a soft spot from them at the moment), I found this rather cute dear cardigan which I just feel in love with and couldn't leave it behind. although with clothing such as these what has such a loud print like this I always struggle with finding things that will go together to make a nice outfit but I'm sure I'll find something soon.

I have to say I'm disappointed that this cardigan isn't as warm as the others Ive mentioned, but it is just a cardigan so I can forgive it. Still great quality and just £14 though.
(Dear cardigan - £14 Primark)

Now I'm starting to see a theme in what I tend to look for when buying clothes, which seem to be if it has a cute animal on it then I need it. So this next buy is an adorable rabbit jumper. (If you read my previous post you'll see I own a little bunny of my own)

now this jumper is such a nice fabric, really thick and really well made for just £14 I just know im going to be getting a lot of use out of this when it gets colder.

Once again its a cute animal. Now this time iv gone back into my comfort zone and opted for a more hoodie/sweatshirt kinda jumper. I just thought the design on the front was so cute and really well done, with the little jewels to give it the final touch it needed. 

(Owl sweatshirt - £18 Sainsbursy TU)

I hope you liked this little insight inside my wardrobe and you stay as warm as I will this winter. :)

Olive you x

Monday, 28 October 2013

A Bunny Dilemma

If anyone could help me out id be very very grateful as im in a bit of a pickle with my rabbit.
I have a 2 year old rabbit and iv had him since he was 5 weeks old, he is a black and white dutch breed and he was perfectly healthy until a couple of months ago.

5 mins after bring him home (his brother on the left)

He'd developed a common issue in rabbit where their teeth grow to fast and out of shape so they start to dig into the animals gum, making it very painful to eat.
The vets tried clipping his teeth back, but that didn't work. So in the end the only thing left to do was to take the teeth out. He had all 8 front teeth taken out in one operation which he recovered from really well and was back to his old self in know time.

Now im left with a gummy bunny who is so fussy and even before his op was picky with what he liked to eat. I have to cut everything up because he cant bite into anything.

Tonight's dinner.

He living on a diet of
Carrot tops
Sweet Corn
Fine beans

Im worried hes going to get bored of eating the same stuff so if anyone has any ideas of what i can give him to keep him happy, id love to hear them. :)  

Olive you ><

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Happy Halloween :)

As October is nearing to an end that only means one thing Halloween. Over the last couple of years Iv really fail at a costume and every year I tell my self next year will be different and I ll pre plan an outfit as soon as I know I'll be needing one. Iv had over a month now to get something shorted and like always i haven't.

So looking though old costumes from the past looking for ideas I can throw together this year. For the last My best friend and I decided to go a zombie, we even got white contacts and everything to complete the look, but this year i want to do something different. I must say putting contacts in was one of the hardest things iv ever done, I never thought id have a problem putting my finger in my eye but I do.

I come up with a really quick and easy skeleton idea this year (as iv left it to late to do anything creative.

I'll be wearing a black playsuit which I just had laying around with these new bone tights I bought off Ebay. I look every where for hand ones but had no luck.

I also got these little skeleton figures which I'll be apply to string/chain to make into a necklace.

im still in two minds wither or not to get a skull face paint done on my face to finish off the look.

If you'd like to see what I do end up doing, follow me on Instagram @smilepiper

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cheesey Cakes

Just recently iv been loving baking and making little treats, iv made (with the assistants of my fiance) Brownies, Fairy Cakes, Carrot Cake and a Victory Sponge.

But this time I thought id have a go at making a cheese cake. I made one about a year ago and loved it and with my love for all things sweet espeacily cheesecake it only seemed right I had another crack at making one. 

I really wanted to try and make a lemon one but thought id stick to the basics for now and do what I know, so strawberry it is :). 

If you'd like to know how I made this strawberry delight then keep reading. 

You will need ><

250g Digestive Biscuits (or a biscuits of your choice)
100g Unsalted Butter
600g Mascarpone or soft cheese 
100g Icing Sugar 
284ml Cream
400g Strawberrys 

You'll want to start by making the base for your cheesecake. crush up the biscuits that you chose into a small bowl. I use a rolling pin for this to make the process faster.
Once you have 250g worth of biscuit crumbs, you'll want to start to melt your butter in a pan and once melted add in the crumbs until there all covered, then add your mixture into a round tray (if you can use a removable bottom cake tray.)

Now for my favorite part. When making your cheesecake filling just simply add all Mascarpone, Icing Sugar and cream into a large mixing bowl and mix together fully so all 3 ingredients are blended.

 If you like you can never add some of your strawberry's to your mixture to give your cheesecake an even stronger strawberry tasted in every bite. (I myself went for just adding a strawberry sauce into the mixture).

Out Come
Once your base has cooled down compleltly go a head and add your filling mixture on top and let it set in the fridge while you make the strawberry topping.

All Wapped Up With A Strawberry On Top 
When making mine I went for bending half of my strawberry's to make a sauce to drizzle over the top of my cheesecake and then cutting the others up to layer around the ages of the cheesecake. But go wild with this part make it your own :).

So there we have it :)
my very own starwberry cheesecake. If only i could share it with you all, need a guinea pig to tell me how it tastes, Anyone ?